The basis of aqua fitness is aerobics, which history comes from the antiquity of the world. The word „aerobic” originated from the Greek word „air-oxygen”. The aerobe energy system, oxygen system one uses when doing aerobics.

Dances and physical exercises are the basis for good posture, gait creation and physical development. Aerobics is the best way to reduce weight, stay fit and improve the shape!

Aqua fitness or aerobics is a dance in a swimming pool. It is a universal kind of sport that is suitable for all people. In the past, aerobics in water was slower and more peaceful use of rehabilitation exercises. Today, aqua aerobics is called aqua fitness, which is more active and focuses on improving the body shape.

Aqua fitness positive effects on the body:

  • Spine is freed from the big training level, improves blood circulation (decreases risk of obstruction of blood and thrombi, it is recommended for people who suffer from varicose vein expansion);
  • This is one of the most effective ways to get rid of excess weight and cellulite. Water resistance provides enhanced workout time effect, increases the strength, and ensures productive struggle with excess weight.
  • Water has beneficial effect on cardiovascular, circulation, bone and supporting systems, as well as reduces the risk of osteoporosis. Water pressure increases the flow of blood to the heart and vascular system. This makes the heart work harder, as well as stabilizes and improves pulse and heartbeat.
  • In a swimming pool heavy body moves more easily, since there is less pressure on the joints and backbone. At the same time muscles are working at a harder intensity than during the land aerobics, due to the additional resistance caused by water. Each exercise requires almost 80 times more strength power, which is not felt, since the body weight is lightened by water.
  • The use of water in aqua fitness supports the body and reduces the risk of muscle or joint injuries. The varied movement pattern also helps to retain flexibility and range of motion in the joints.
  • Dipping in water causes change of the heat of regulators process. Water temperature in the pool is 8 to 10 degrees lower than the body temperature, which facilitates the consumption of calories and subsequently - the fat reduction;
  • When stretching the mitigation of gravity by flotation decreases the stress on the joints and allows a greater range of motion. For this reason people usually feel calmer after water procedures, and daily stress is gone, or at least diminished. Aqua fitness also positively affects the nerve system;
  • Regular classes in the water enhance immunity and help regulate metabolism disorders.
Methodology and organization:
  • Aqua fitness is recommended 2 or 3 times per week, it allows you to achieve a higher training level. One training duration is about 45 to 60 minutes;
  • Aqua fitness session consists of 3 parts: warm up, general part and final installment;
  • Aqua fitness is specially recommended for those who have osteoporosis, osteochondrosis, spinal disease or varicose veins as well as the arthritis disease;
  • If there are any complaints or health characteristics, please get medical advice before visiting classes,, please also provide your trainer with the doctor's recommendation report;
  • Aqua fitness does not have any restrictions. Nonetheless specialists recommend being careful, if you have any respiratory disease. Small changes in pressure exerted on the thorax may cause breathing difficulties, so, if possible, choose a lower activity in depth. Doctor's advice is also needed, if you have experienced a heart attack or a serious cardiovascular illness.
  • Pregnant women should definitely consult their doctor prior to attending aqua aerobics. If the pregnancy progresses normally the doctor certainly will allow attending the aqua aerobics classes. This will improve their wellbeing and reduce the stress. Aqua aerobics for pregnant women includes many exercises that help to train their hip musculature, which is very important for childbirth.

Aqua fitness instructor

Ilze Livincova (Muceniece)